greenland eyes international film festival is coming to:
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Next stop Inari, Finland

Details of films, directors, dates and screening times are detailed below. Screenings at the Saami Cultural Centre Sajos promise to be so beautiful, on so many levels, and we are really excited to be screening films, showing art and arranging music there.

20/11 at 18:00
Nuumioq – Otto Rosing and Torben Bech

21/11 at 18:00
Greenland Unrealised – Dania Reymond
Village at the End of the World – Sarah Gavron & David Katznelson

21/11 at 20:00
Aningaaq – Jonas Cuaron
Inuk – Mike Magidson

22/11 at 11:00
The Girl & the Dogs – Guillaume Mainguet & Selma Vilhunen
Souls in a Room (the Making of an Album) – Mikisoq H. Lynge
ECHOES – Ivalo Frank

22/11 at 17:30
Simon Lynge and Kaamos Jazz double concerts

23/11 at 16:00
Performace with J&K (Meeting-point Sajos. Dress warm as it will be outdoors – hot beverage afterwards)

23/11 at 18:00
Sullorsuaq – Marc Fussing Rosbach
Hinnarik Sinnattunilu – Angajo Lennert Sandgreen

23/11 at 20:00
Tupilaq – Jakob Maqe
Arfernat (Number 6) – Martin Skinkløv and Rune Bundgaard

24/11 at 18:00
Aulahuliat – Uusaqqak Qujaukitsag
Blok P – Rikke Diemer & Peter Jensen

24/11 at 20:00
Sooq Akersuuttugut – Inuk Silis Hoegh
Before Tomorrow by Marie-Hélène Cousineau and Madeline Ivalu

We will be exhibiting the wonderful photographs from ISI | ØJE | EYE for the final time on the tour, the Inari festival will include an extra concert from the amazing Simon Lynge in the evening on the 22nd at the The Jazz and Joik Club at Hotel Kollehovi

We cannot wait. See you in Inari